Wednesday, 18 December 2013

On Wednesdays...

Skirt - Missguided  
Body - River Island  
Coat - Topshop 
Boots - Missguided  
Rings - Topshop

If one thing living alone and working full time has told me it's that is doesn't leave much time for blogging!! So I need kick my lazy ass into gear and get it done more because I have bought some amazing stuff lately and haven't had time to show it off which is completely rubbish!!

This skirt - I know the pink pvc is being slightly overdone now but I don't care I love it I love it I LOVE IT. I also want it in blue :)

I've needed a plain turtle neck body for a while now and when I spotted this one in RI it was pretty damn perfect with the juzz-ee little cut out at the back. 

This coat I have had for ever now and I never get bored of walking around like a giant marashmellow - I went to the supermarket after taking these photos and the amount of odd looks I got was crazy - I can only assume if people see coats in a colour other than black or cream they freak out slightly. 

These glasses are MINT - and I urge you all to head over to MyOptique facebook page ... like it and write on the wall 'Enter Jade Francesca's Give Away' DO DO DO IT because I love mine and I wear them in work so I look clever and shit - so you should do the same unless you actually need glasses then bonus! 

This necklace is just a total beaut - from The Cecily London range at My Flash Trash .. in fact just go and adore the whole website because it's full of amazing quirky little pieces - if your tired of seeing the same old Topshop jewellery and want something different it's totally perfect!

Now I must go and abuse Netflix!


Friday, 8 November 2013

Walk a thousand miles...

(Denim jacket-Topshop  Jumper & Skirt-ASOS  Belt-eBay)

I did a quickie blog yesterday as the weather was so perfect, it was my favourite kind of winter's day - crispy cold with clear blue sky and beaming sunshine. I live near a big duck pond and as I was taking photos I got attacked by a gaggle of geese which was actually rather scary/amusing... needless to say I won't be taking photos as close to the pond again! 

Ignore the weird goofy smile I've done on pretty much every photo - sometimes I go into complete awkward mode in front of the camera and this is the result. This outfit is a combination of a few of my staple Autumn items, I love the denim jacket as I'm sometimes slightly to reluctant to wear a HUGE coat at the start of winter as there's plenty of time left for that, so this jacket being a little oversized and with the sheepskin collar makes a great alternative. 

Fluffy little jumper with a midi tartan skirt is the obvious combination but I just think it's the perfect kind of everyday no fuss outfit which is pretty much my approach to life. 

I also have a fringe - slight hair change which I should of washed/brushed before taking these photos but ah well! 


Friday, 25 October 2013

Standing in the way of control...

(Dress-Missguided  Kimono-Topshop  Boots-Vintage  Necklace-River Island)

Mad crazy week and finally got chance to post this which I did a week or so again. As I'm sure we all agree Missguided is the go to site for low price on trend gear, perfect for end of the month, low bank balance bargains to freshen up the wardrobe. I'm sure lots of people are similar to me in that if I don't buy a single item of clothing for five or so days I get the itch and it's like I need my fix - even if I am disgustingly poor, I have to have a hit, be it a 10 pound 2nd hander off eBay or a dress from the new Kate Bosworth collection at Topshop (Opps this happened late last night!!) 

Love velvet, especially in this electric cobalt blue kinda shade, I'm big on dresses I can just slip on with a pair of tights and not have to think too much about. I saw a girl in Topshop trying on this kimono and it looked so beautiful on her I had to copy, it's nice for a day/night transition piece. 

Scruffy old booties are the best! 


Monday, 7 October 2013

Nightmares are the stuff of reality...


(Jumper- c/o nANA jUDY via,  Shirt- My dads, Leggings- American Apparel,  Bag- Topshop) 

Yesterday I felt as fresh as a daisy which is a rarity for a Sunday morning so I went for a walk down the canal which was so lovely - the sun was beaming and all the little barge boats were out about and I said 'Morning' to about 12 strangers which makes me proper happy! 

Oh and before I ramble on the quality of these images are so bad I'm ashamed but my camera is playing  up at the minute so I had to use my iPhone and you can tell... so could anybody recommend a good blogging camera please please please because failing getting mine fixed I need to reinvest quick sticks! 

Not only did I wear this jumper all day yesterday, I wore it all evening and I am still wearing it as I sit and type now so urm yeah I like it. If I'm totally honest when I'm at home I spend the majority of my time in big oversized knits so this one is quite the perfect addition to my collection, it's super comfy, super huge and the skull & crossbones give it a little bit of a grungy edge which I likeee, it also comes in black which I like equally (if not a tad more!) 

I have claimed my dad's shirt as my own - last week I wore it so many times, I genuinely think everybody needs an oversized white shirt in their lives - clearly most people will use their boyfriends but if your a spinster like me heyyy dad! Haha. 


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tread carefully, fairies play here...

(Dress-Yayer  Boots-Topshop  Tee-H&M) 

Today was a total waste of make up as I was confined to my room trying to make a dent in my 18,000 word masters dissertation... I have no motivation what so ever so any words of encouragement are welcome! 

I bought this cute little 90's number a few days ago and I think it's a super every day/any weather kind of outfit, easy to team with long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves at all and it adds a splash or several splashes of colour to my wardrobe. If you follow me on Instragram you may have seen these holographic booties which are fabuloussss. 

Not only am I dissertation writing but I am detoxing, only for three days but so far (two days in) it is killing me - I love food far too much to enjoy liquidized celery. (Puke). 


Friday, 30 August 2013

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it...

(Tee-Topshop  Skirt-Rat&Boa  Shirt-Topshop  Shoes-River Island) 

I live about 15 minutes from Liverpool so yesterday me and my mum decided to go for a wander round the docks and have a little coffee - it's such a nice place to have a stroll when the suns out and if your a history geek like me some amazing museums to go see, sometimes when things are on your doorstep you forget about them and don't spend time appreciating them!

While we were there I thought I would do a blog post with a change of scenery, if you read my blog you'll know I am a big fan of crochet so finding ways to wear it in the colder months is always good. All this stuff I have had for a while now and it's a pretty lazy outfit but sometimes I don't think you can beat a black/white/red colour palette. 

At the moment my hair is spending the majority of it's time in either two french plaits or pigtails as I am very lazy and hate washing it so anything that requires minimal effort is a winner in my book. 

Since this was a mini day out I thought I would post a cheesy photo of me and my mum who is a star and has the patience of a saint as she puts up with me pestering her to take blog photo's constantly, mwah x

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

You will keep me safe...

(Sunflower dress-C/O Illustrated People  Kimono-River Island  Hat-Missguided  Boots-Topshop)

Sunflowers are by far and away my favourite flower, just looking at them can instantly cheer you up so a sunflower print dress is just spiffy! Fitted dresses aren't necessarily my first choice as I think they require a certain element of 'sexy' - a word I do not associate with myself, so for me I have to wear them more casually, hence the kimono! 

I love the long sleeves on the dress and it's still a modest length for me which can sometimes be tricky at 5'10, in fact I love all of the gear from Illustrated People especially the leopard sleeve sweater! 

As always with Missguided this hat was a major bargain, I love fedora hats and this one with the studs was perfect, especially since I had the worst hair day and had no choice but to hide the tragedy underneath. 

I lusted over these Topshop boots for a good few weeks which is not like me (impulsive I see it I like it I buy it kind of shopper) but I finally succumbed and I am so so glad as I just adore the 60's vibe, the suede and the higher ankle fit.

Happy hump day


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fit for a lady...

2. Annelise Michelson ear cuff
3. Pamela Love pentagram cuff
4. Estelle Dévé ring set
5. Lena Erziak box bag

The summer wedding season is nearly over which is sad because I do love a good wedding gathering, although apart from my Dad I'm not sure I've met anybody that doesn't? Luckily next week I have my last wedding of the summer to attend and well it doesn't do any harm to dress dream. 

I have loved Temperley for a crazy long time, in fact when I won some dosh on Deal or No Deal way back when (I cringe when I think about it!!) I blew some of my winnings on my first designer dress from Cricket Boutique in Liverpool, which was a gorgeous white and tiered floaty number. So my love for the brand still remains strong, I adore this pretty dress that I found on Avenue32's site, I am currently obsessed with Downtown Abbey (late on the bandwagon) and it reminded me of one of the gorgeous outfits the ladies would wear. 

I also stumbled across the most amazing jewellery on the site with a whole load of designers I have never heard of but I am left lusting over their fabulous pieces, the gold accessories above were just a handful of my favourites, the pentagram cuff I have fallen head over heels with and would look dreamy in a pair. The tortoiseshell box bag... need I say more??


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shut the door to the moon...

                           (Dress-Urban Outfitters  Cardigan-Rat and Boa  Shoes-River Island)

I am in complete dread about checking my bank statement this month - it has been a heavy month for the credit card due to holiday funding and one thing and another, I certainly didn't help matters when I ended up splurging £400 quid in Urban Outfitters as I was just passing by the other day, I wouldn't mind if I actually bought substantial items but the majority of it went on unicorns, hip flasks, cute cards and make up bags. I am a complete sucker for gimmicks and novelty items, anything that adds a bit of sparkle or tackiness to my bedroom and I'm game! 

Whilst on my novelty spree I did manage to pick up this adorable little dress, during the week I don't like to have to do too much thinking about what to wear, so I'm a big fan of dresses, practical ones at that, maxi or midi are perfect. You get a little chilly you can throw a jumper on and wear it like a skirt, simple dressing is sometimes the best. I guess an outfit wouldn't be complete without a hint of crochet, I wear this flimsy cardigan so much more than I ever imagined I would, it seems to go with nearly all my dresses and I love it as I do all of Rat and Boa's items. 

The shoes - I saw them on the internet and wanted them loads and loads but they only had them in stock in white - as gorgeous as they were I wanted something that I could practically throw on with everything, so basic black.. after searching 3 River Island stores I nearly gave up on these bad boys but the store in Liverpool came through for me which I'm so glad about because they are a perfect sandal going into Autumn. 

Also... check out River Island Jewellery at the moment, some of the most amazing pieces, this necklace in my post has little moons and stars dangling off and I stocked up on a whole load of other really amazing neck pieces.. seriously impressed! 

I'm off to Ibiza in the morning so being completely uncharacteristically organised I am packed and ready to roll so tonight I plan to have my first glass of sangria and get in the holiday spirit...OLAY!