Monday, 7 October 2013

Nightmares are the stuff of reality...


(Jumper- c/o nANA jUDY via,  Shirt- My dads, Leggings- American Apparel,  Bag- Topshop) 

Yesterday I felt as fresh as a daisy which is a rarity for a Sunday morning so I went for a walk down the canal which was so lovely - the sun was beaming and all the little barge boats were out about and I said 'Morning' to about 12 strangers which makes me proper happy! 

Oh and before I ramble on the quality of these images are so bad I'm ashamed but my camera is playing  up at the minute so I had to use my iPhone and you can tell... so could anybody recommend a good blogging camera please please please because failing getting mine fixed I need to reinvest quick sticks! 

Not only did I wear this jumper all day yesterday, I wore it all evening and I am still wearing it as I sit and type now so urm yeah I like it. If I'm totally honest when I'm at home I spend the majority of my time in big oversized knits so this one is quite the perfect addition to my collection, it's super comfy, super huge and the skull & crossbones give it a little bit of a grungy edge which I likeee, it also comes in black which I like equally (if not a tad more!) 

I have claimed my dad's shirt as my own - last week I wore it so many times, I genuinely think everybody needs an oversized white shirt in their lives - clearly most people will use their boyfriends but if your a spinster like me heyyy dad! Haha. 



  1. Lovely outfit!
    Gorgeous Colours


  2. Love the look girl
    Your hair is amazing
    S xx

  3. Great outfit!!! Love your nails too , looking great hunny