Thursday 4 September 2014

When September ends...

Trousers-ASOS Reclaimed Vintage
Jewellery-An eclectic mix-H&M,Bali,Italy and Claudia Pink

I'd like to say the reason for my lack of blogging was because I've been crazy busy over the past few weeks, but the reality is, I have not, instead I have embraced and relished in a whole summer of lazy behaviour before embarking on my new teaching adventure this year, which is set to deprive me of any social life for the next 12 months. 

Very rarely do I find a bargain, I am always the girl who pays full price for the dress that goes in the 50% sale 24 hour later, but on this occasion I did in fact find a reduced item that I adore (because lets be serious, a strong percentage of sale items are utter garbage) These spotty wide leg trousers are part of the ASOS Reclaimed vintage range, which I am a huge fan of, I've bought a few of their items and the collection seems to be going from strength to strength. The best part of these trousers is that they cost me £17 english pounds and I just know I will wear them to death - the only downside is that they are prone to creasing (see photos) this aside they truly are dotty pieces of awesomeness! 

I did ponder the thought that these pants paired with a basic tee lacked a little creativity and looked a little dull, I did however decide against this notion (obviously!) and thought I would let the trousers be the star of the show, and well lets face it, everybody loves a basic tee. 

I am very lucky to have some wonderful friends and family in my life who buy me lovely bits of jewellery from all across the globe, on this occasion I am adorned in items from Italy and Bali, holiday pieces always seem better than jewellery bought from the UK for some unbeknown reason.

I've also learnt how to defocus the background of images, I say learnt, what I mean is I'm a complete amateur and can just about make the background of photos fuzzy. I am also incredibly envious of bloggers who have the most amazing professional pictures - girls please do share any tips because I do believe I've been doing this on and off for two years now and my photography skills haven't progressed in the slightest!


Thursday 10 July 2014


Lace top-  c/o Reverse via The Clear Agency
Skirt- Motel
Shoes - c/o Desire Clothing
Jewellery- eBay

This dreamy little lace and daisy chain crop from Reverse is pretty much the perfect edition to my summer wardrobe... unfortunately for me I have already taken all my holidays and I have no plans for any festivals which means this little gem will only be able to be shown off in the North-West of England. For those of you heading off to Ibiza and any fabulous festivals I can't recommend it enough!! 

This maxi skirt is my go to skirt for all occasions, I've had a couple of years now but it never tires or dates and being a serious maxi fan this is by far and away one of my favourites. 

These little shoeies I kindly got sent a while back (Desire Clothing) but haven't had chance to blog about but I thought I better do so ASAP before they turn black rather than white, I have literally worn them out! I love all these chunky white platform style sandals that are knocking about this summer, in fact I've just order a pair which I intend to customise the crap out of for my 90's party which I'm having next week for my...... TWENTY FIFTH birthday (I'm too old it's grose!) 

I intend to a whole other blog post about this bash as hopefully it's going to make for some serious fashion faux pas and some crazy throw backs!!


Saturday 21 June 2014

Olsen anonymous...

Sheer Tee-Urban Outfitters
Giving Key-Kitson
Headband-Urban Outfitters

I feel I start every blog with a sentence similar to...'I haven't blogged in so long', so I am restricting myself from doing so this time but instead making the point that I am the worst blogger in the world. I have an increasing amount of admiration for those bloggers who manage multiple posts a week - kudos to you regular posters!! 

I've always loved monochrome on others but never really been one to adopt the trend myself until more recently, now I'm a bit black white white black obsessed. I love how simple and complimentary the whole yin and yang contrast is and I want to seriously increase the amount of simple black and white items I own, so if anybody knows of any nice pieces please do send the links my way. 

After putting this outfit on for the day I felt like it was super oversized, super baggy and super unflattering; in the Olsen twin world the perfect fit, so I went with it. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a little key necklace I put up a few weeks ago, it's basically the cutest key in the world as I love anything that has a meaning behind it. The keys are called 'Giving Keys' and everyone of them has a different word on them, you pick the word that you need to channel in your own life and then when you feel like the word has been fulfilled you pass it on to somebody who needs it more than you. Since wearing the key to every interview/test I have done as of late, I have secured a place of my first choice teacher training course, passed all of my exams, and now I wait in suspense for my Masters result, so it's my total good luck charm right now that's glued to my chest.

These sandals I'm wearing are totally ugly and geeky and I love them. 

Hope everybody has a sunny weekend!


Monday 24 March 2014

Minkpink to make the boys wink...

Jumper-River Island
Trousers-Minkpink c/o OUT & ABOUT BLOG 
Choker-Black Sheep Btq
Long necklace-Waiste 

Greetings earthlings!
 I am thrilled to be blogging about another fabulous Minkpink garment that I am now the proud owner of... these slouchy trousers are everything I could have wished for and more... I would have done this post sooner, if it hadn't have been for my recent Breaking Bad obsession. (I abandoned my stubborn ways of not wanting to jump on the bandwagon and now I'm totally hooked, so if anybody wants to go off subject and have a full on conversation about how hot Jesse is and how much of a drag Skyler is, I welcome all comments!)

Back to topic ... these pants... so I love any trousers that have an elasticated waistline - I'm one for comfort which is why you will very rarely see me in jeans and the waistline on these little beauties fits just perfectly, I also get the dreaded water retention in my legs when I go away so these bad boys will defo be my travelling to the USA pants (have I mentioned I go six weeks today...eeeee....*squeals*). Minkpink are the masters of print, they create pattern perfections time and time again, I would go as far as to say it's the material that keeps me a loyal customer of the brand. 

Jumper and sandals, now I would never have predicted I could fall in love with Birkenstock 'style' sandals ever again, but fashion never ceases to amaze me and come wind, rain or shine, they are all I have been wearing this month - my mum even told me I looked a bit of a moron when we took a trip out for tea the other day but I won't take them off for anybody. I love Topshop's adaptation with the double sole and I have no idea how I am going to resist buying the black pair. This little jumper, well it's the perfect wardrobe staple item, great quality, great fit and fab for layering. 
My jewellery collection is Choker chocka at the minute and yes, that silver necklace is 'The Deathly Hallows' for any die hard Harry Potter fans out there!!

And finally the 'This Is A Love Song' tee giveaway selected at random goes to.......

Heidi Thomas @ (I will drop you an email doll!)



Tuesday 25 February 2014

This Is A Love Song GIVEAWAY...

Tee- c/o This Is A Love Song,  
Leggings-American Apparel,
Cardigan-Rat & Boa,
Necklace - c/o Punky Pins,
Boots - Missguided,
Lipstick - c/o Lynette Page Makeup Artistry shade 'Dorothy'

I have cheated on Instagram and I'm having a full blown affair with Pinterest!
I am very aware that Pinterest has been around for ages now but I've been a bit slow in coming around to appreciating it's awesomeness... no that's a lie I just didn't get how to use it (cut me some slack I'm nearly a quarter of a century old!). So the past two months I've dedicated any spare second I had to get in to the swing of things and fully immerse myself into all things pin related - I can now say I am a fully fledged Pinterest user/obsessive. My boards are becoming very random and varied, a combination of fairy vomit, boho musings and the odd flat faced persian cat thrown in for good measure - what a fabulous invention - kudos to the computer whizz that whipped this one up!

Moving on... this TEE, tee in capitals because it gets me giddy - the mesh, the black and neon yellow contrast, the sequins... I could go on forever - quite honestly after getting sent this beaut last Friday I have already worn in three times, well two - I'm not sure sleeping in it after a night out really counts! Isn't it just dreamy? It's going to be the perfect Winter into Spring piece... and well Spring into Summer and urm Summer into Autumn and... you catch my drift. I'm going to wear it all year despite the weather conditions. GIVEAWAY!!  Yeah so I want to keep the exclusive black tank top with reflective shoulder strips and 'Midnight Raver' slogan but alas it is up for a giveaway courtesy of This Is A Love Song, part of the TIALS resort collection and is such an awesome little piece, if you would like to be the owner please leave your full name and email below, then head over to TIALS Facebook show some love and like the page - simples! 

The faithful Rat & Boa cardi which I acquired last year still remains one of my favourite pieces and if possible I think I love crochet this year more than last. Now this cutie of a necklace is from a super cool jewellery brand 'Punky Pins' and I kindly got sent this daisy chain which is going to see me through my boho themed summer perfectly - and yes they do unicorn related pieces and yes I will blog about those next!!

This lip shade in 'Dorothy' is my perfect perfect shade ever made. I love a bright lip, a vibrant lipstick has the ability to cheer me up on the dullest of days, lipstick has magical abilities I swear it. This range of make-up by Lynette Page Makeup Artistry is any makeup lovers dream - the range of lipsticks master the matte finish without the horrendously dry and crumbly feel on the lips, this is definitely a new staple in my makeup bag (for how long I don't know - my mum is already eyeing it up!)

Have a wonderful week fashion folks.


Monday 27 January 2014

How long will I love you...

(Pants-Zara  Jumper-Primark  Shirt-Dad's  Bag- Topshop  Shoes-River Island)

I have been so absent from the bloggersphere as of late ... not only have I not been blogging myself, I haven't been reading blogs/stalking favourite bloggers - which is for a number of reasons - the main one being December has well and truly made sure January has been left with no penny's in my purse, so I'm the kind of I see it, I like it, I buy it kind of girl, zero restraint despite my pathetic bank statements so if I can't see it I won't buy it - simple in theory - bloody hard in practice. 

Well this is actually a pretty rubbish outfit to kick the new year of blogging off but in all honesty January is grim and it's my laziest month - bright colours are a no go for me and anything that makes me feel the cold doesn't stand a chance, so for me pants and a jumper and shirt are standard January attire. It's a good job my gorgeous Topshop bag I got for Christmas brightens it up!

Now I am DYING to blog in my new house (I am a real life house owner!!) and it is just perfect... well to me it is, more than I could of ever dreamed of for a first house, hell a second or third house and it isn't half the perfect place to blog I just haven't had chance yet, so no doubt this years blogs will feature more house items than clothing.. now that's a sign of age!


Wednesday 18 December 2013

On Wednesdays...

Skirt - Missguided  
Body - River Island  
Coat - Topshop 
Boots - Missguided  
Rings - Topshop

If one thing living alone and working full time has told me it's that is doesn't leave much time for blogging!! So I need kick my lazy ass into gear and get it done more because I have bought some amazing stuff lately and haven't had time to show it off which is completely rubbish!!

This skirt - I know the pink pvc is being slightly overdone now but I don't care I love it I love it I LOVE IT. I also want it in blue :)

I've needed a plain turtle neck body for a while now and when I spotted this one in RI it was pretty damn perfect with the juzz-ee little cut out at the back. 

This coat I have had for ever now and I never get bored of walking around like a giant marashmellow - I went to the supermarket after taking these photos and the amount of odd looks I got was crazy - I can only assume if people see coats in a colour other than black or cream they freak out slightly. 

These glasses are MINT - and I urge you all to head over to MyOptique facebook page ... like it and write on the wall 'Enter Jade Francesca's Give Away' DO DO DO IT because I love mine and I wear them in work so I look clever and shit - so you should do the same unless you actually need glasses then bonus! 

This necklace is just a total beaut - from The Cecily London range at My Flash Trash .. in fact just go and adore the whole website because it's full of amazing quirky little pieces - if your tired of seeing the same old Topshop jewellery and want something different it's totally perfect!

Now I must go and abuse Netflix!