Thursday, 10 July 2014


Lace top-  c/o Reverse via The Clear Agency
Skirt- Motel
Shoes - c/o Desire Clothing
Jewellery- eBay

This dreamy little lace and daisy chain crop from Reverse is pretty much the perfect edition to my summer wardrobe... unfortunately for me I have already taken all my holidays and I have no plans for any festivals which means this little gem will only be able to be shown off in the North-West of England. For those of you heading off to Ibiza and any fabulous festivals I can't recommend it enough!! 

This maxi skirt is my go to skirt for all occasions, I've had a couple of years now but it never tires or dates and being a serious maxi fan this is by far and away one of my favourites. 

These little shoeies I kindly got sent a while back (Desire Clothing) but haven't had chance to blog about but I thought I better do so ASAP before they turn black rather than white, I have literally worn them out! I love all these chunky white platform style sandals that are knocking about this summer, in fact I've just order a pair which I intend to customise the crap out of for my 90's party which I'm having next week for my...... TWENTY FIFTH birthday (I'm too old it's grose!) 

I intend to a whole other blog post about this bash as hopefully it's going to make for some serious fashion faux pas and some crazy throw backs!!