Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Snakes and ladders...

(Jumper-Zara  Top-ASOS  Shorts-Levi  Kimono-One Teaspoon  Boots-Jeffery Campbell)

When I'm in a grungey sort of mood i gravitate to anything laddered, creased, tasseled or holey! The older or more distressed it looks the better in my opinion! I also have a new found love for kimono's - there are some amazing vintage tasseled ones out there for really cheap too... this One Teaspoon kimono is one of my fave's as it goes with pretty much anything and makes everything slightly more hippy'esque! I <3 Hippy's! 


Monday, 5 March 2012

Purple Rain...

Okay so I have now tried and tested two ways of colouring the ends of my hair (temporarily) 
Firstly, using soft pastels, I love the fact using pastels made it bright and it really did last- however it was rather time consuming and extremely messy - a layer of purple dust covered my white bathroom which was just completely unpractical for everyday use!
So then i tried out the colour bug... whilst the colour wasn't as bright, I sort of preferred the dull tone of the purple.. it didn't clash with as many outfits which was also a bonus and it was so so much simpler to use, you just hold the bug and rub it onto the hair! 

Now I have tried a few different temporary methods I've bought myself some of the real stuff to make a more permanent solution...wether I'll have the guts or not its another question... watch this space!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Minty Fresh....

(T-shirt-H&M  Jeans-Topshop  Creepers-Underground)

I love a good dress down friday... this is my favourite sort of 'TO-DO' list outfit! When I'm here, there and everywhere getting my jobs done! I think finding the perfect 'basics' can be very tough... the simple t-shirts can be tricky to find with the perfect fit and material, but H&M manage to do it quite well... i think you have to be a little be cautious about the quality but overall this tee is serving me well, especially due to the fact its a pastel minty shade of green! 

I was made up when creepers crawled back into fashion too and i got these little fellas in LA last year... last day shopping with leftover spends... however getting the copious amounts of extra shoes, jumpers and jeans back in the case was somewhat of a task!! Defiantly worth paying extra for overweight baggage!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

She's the scarlet letter...

(Dress-New Look  Shirt-Topshop  Tights-M&S  Boots-Jeffery Campbell  Jumper-Holly Fulton for Topshop  Necklaces-Urban Outfitters  Rings-Fashionology/Topshop  Belt-Vintage)

Another BEAUTIFUL Spring morning... the type of day i wish i had a dog so I could walk it all day long and do a coffee shop crawl!! I have a soft spot for anything tartan/plaid... especially in the red variety! It aways catches my eye no mater what season! I love this dress as i reminds me of the McQ tartan dress from A/W 11! So thank you for this bargain dress New Look... The material is even really good quality much to my surprise!!

I obviously had to wear my lita spikes with this outfit... it would have been criminal not too - I don't think my love for these boots will ever die and i will never ever grow tired of wearing them - their supreme comfort its just a bonus! 

Lately i've been colouring the ends of my hair with pastels... I tried to dye it myself but the dye didn't take so i have to keep up the temporary measure.. which while effective at first after washing it it leaves the ends kinda subtly pink (see photos) not too mention its so messy to do! So a lovely friend of mine has recommended a 'colour bug' its temporary colour but I'm hoping its going to be less messy and time consuming so I'm waiting for my purple colour bug to arrive in the post - I will keep you posted on how it works out!!