Monday, 21 May 2012

No love lost...

(Dress-Topshop  Shoes-Jeffery Campbell  Necklaces-River Island/Ebay  Watch-Michael Korrs)

On reflection this is a complete over load of photographs OOPSIE... sorry for more than likely boring the life out of you, but I have a new editing programme which evidently I got carried away trying out!

I have not blogged in far too long, but with a combination of dissertation deadlines/project deadlines/exams/work/freelance jobs/general laziness has made it tricky for me to find the time! I haven't blogged in so long in fact my hair colour has once again changed... back to blonde... I feel I have now dabbled with enough colours to go back to my beloved blonde AND my hair isn't anywhere near as ruined which is bonus! I also got my nose re-pierced (2nd time lucky) it is testing my patience once again but I am going to persist... ! I love this dress... it screaamssssssss summer and hippie and girlie and boho and everything else I am in love with, whilst slightly pricey for Topshop there was no way I was walking out without him, throw on a bit of jewellery and a pair of lita's and I'm one happy lady!