Monday, 27 January 2014

How long will I love you...

(Pants-Zara  Jumper-Primark  Shirt-Dad's  Bag- Topshop  Shoes-River Island)

I have been so absent from the bloggersphere as of late ... not only have I not been blogging myself, I haven't been reading blogs/stalking favourite bloggers - which is for a number of reasons - the main one being December has well and truly made sure January has been left with no penny's in my purse, so I'm the kind of I see it, I like it, I buy it kind of girl, zero restraint despite my pathetic bank statements so if I can't see it I won't buy it - simple in theory - bloody hard in practice. 

Well this is actually a pretty rubbish outfit to kick the new year of blogging off but in all honesty January is grim and it's my laziest month - bright colours are a no go for me and anything that makes me feel the cold doesn't stand a chance, so for me pants and a jumper and shirt are standard January attire. It's a good job my gorgeous Topshop bag I got for Christmas brightens it up!

Now I am DYING to blog in my new house (I am a real life house owner!!) and it is just perfect... well to me it is, more than I could of ever dreamed of for a first house, hell a second or third house and it isn't half the perfect place to blog I just haven't had chance yet, so no doubt this years blogs will feature more house items than clothing.. now that's a sign of age!