Sunday, 4 November 2012

I don't know how to love you more...

(Jacket-Topshop  Shirt-Urban Outfitters  Skirt-Primark  Belt-Vintage  Necklace-Matalan  Shoes-Underground Creepers)

AUTUMN ... hands up if you agree that this is the best month around??!!! 
I adore it, the colours are just amazing, the crisp mornings and those christmassy vibes are quickly creeping up. It's just a bit fabulous to be honest.. 

My trusty £10 Primark skirt is back on the scene again, with some thick tights and comfy creeper's this was my perfect shopping outfit... although the shirt buttons tended to be a slight nightmare every time I tried something on in the changing rooms... I have zero pennies.. yet on Friday I thought it a brilliant idea to spend the little money I do have on some gorgeous new Autumn items, I spend a small fortune but picked up some amazing dresses and jackets which I will most certainly be blogging about this week..!

I NEARLY FORGOT TO MENTION THIS AMAZING JACKET!!!! I had eyed it up in Topshop on plenty of occasions.. but with the copious amounts of jackets and coats I own i could not bring myself to splash near enough 200 squids on another one... 2 months later hello sale... hello one jacket left...hello my size... hello £80 with discount!!!!!!!! I love my crazy jacket needless to add :)