Friday, 8 November 2013

Walk a thousand miles...

(Denim jacket-Topshop  Jumper & Skirt-ASOS  Belt-eBay)

I did a quickie blog yesterday as the weather was so perfect, it was my favourite kind of winter's day - crispy cold with clear blue sky and beaming sunshine. I live near a big duck pond and as I was taking photos I got attacked by a gaggle of geese which was actually rather scary/amusing... needless to say I won't be taking photos as close to the pond again! 

Ignore the weird goofy smile I've done on pretty much every photo - sometimes I go into complete awkward mode in front of the camera and this is the result. This outfit is a combination of a few of my staple Autumn items, I love the denim jacket as I'm sometimes slightly to reluctant to wear a HUGE coat at the start of winter as there's plenty of time left for that, so this jacket being a little oversized and with the sheepskin collar makes a great alternative. 

Fluffy little jumper with a midi tartan skirt is the obvious combination but I just think it's the perfect kind of everyday no fuss outfit which is pretty much my approach to life. 

I also have a fringe - slight hair change which I should of washed/brushed before taking these photos but ah well!