Saturday, 21 June 2014

Olsen anonymous...

Sheer Tee-Urban Outfitters
Giving Key-Kitson
Headband-Urban Outfitters

I feel I start every blog with a sentence similar to...'I haven't blogged in so long', so I am restricting myself from doing so this time but instead making the point that I am the worst blogger in the world. I have an increasing amount of admiration for those bloggers who manage multiple posts a week - kudos to you regular posters!! 

I've always loved monochrome on others but never really been one to adopt the trend myself until more recently, now I'm a bit black white white black obsessed. I love how simple and complimentary the whole yin and yang contrast is and I want to seriously increase the amount of simple black and white items I own, so if anybody knows of any nice pieces please do send the links my way. 

After putting this outfit on for the day I felt like it was super oversized, super baggy and super unflattering; in the Olsen twin world the perfect fit, so I went with it. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a little key necklace I put up a few weeks ago, it's basically the cutest key in the world as I love anything that has a meaning behind it. The keys are called 'Giving Keys' and everyone of them has a different word on them, you pick the word that you need to channel in your own life and then when you feel like the word has been fulfilled you pass it on to somebody who needs it more than you. Since wearing the key to every interview/test I have done as of late, I have secured a place of my first choice teacher training course, passed all of my exams, and now I wait in suspense for my Masters result, so it's my total good luck charm right now that's glued to my chest.

These sandals I'm wearing are totally ugly and geeky and I love them. 

Hope everybody has a sunny weekend!