Sunday, 31 March 2013

It's in the stars...

(Tee-Urban Outfitters  Pants-Spell designs  Cardigan-Topshop) 

Happy get fat on chocolate day folks! 

Right I went crazy on Australian brand Spell and the Gypsy collective and ordered three pairs of amazing hippie pants and a playsuit which I can't wait to showcase on future blogposts.. it's made me crazy skint but I just adore the clothes so much I'm happy to not eat for three weeks!

I've had this cardi for a couple of years now but I still really love it because I love how hippie and 70's it is!

In other news...... I'm moving to London!! I finished the lecture part of my masters last week and I've been so fortunate to walk straight into a job ... news writing online for OK! new! and Star magazine. So happy but super nervous! 

Got a crazy busy week up North now... starting with a day of eating eggs and getting drunk with my nearest and dearest, hope ya'll have a spiffy day!!!


Saturday, 9 March 2013

White Trash Beautiful, Trailer Park Queen...


Topshop projectile vomited on me today and I don't care!! I know so unoriginal right?

As you may or may not have noticed I keep buying lime and neon.. I'm going to take a break from it now though  because I have seriously overkilled and every post as of late has featured it in some form.

I love this little denim dress, it remains me of my childhood with the big front pockets!!

OH OH OH I nearly forgot .. how D D D DOPE is Rhi Rhi's collection for River Island, I bought the denim crop the other day and cannot wait for that spring sun to pop back out so I can wear it!

Have a wonderful weekend people of the blog world.