Tuesday, 12 June 2012

50 shades of purple..

                                 (Top-Urban Outfitters  Skirt-River Island  Jacket-River Island  Wedges-Topshop)

Ola All....
Another week of June showers means another week of no summer clothes! Hmmmpfff! So I braved the elements for ten minutes so I could do a blogpost :)

I shall firstly address my hair, Okay so after my wonderful friend Isobelle spent 6 hours giving me pastel dip-dyed hair, after a weekend in spain filled with water, chlorine and sunshine the ends started to fade so I attempted to go over it myself..... as you can see I'm no hairdressers and it went bright purple... (luckily its only entensions..shhhh) So I bought a new set and now i have 3 hair options, I have a blonde set of extensions, a pastel set of extensions and these bright purple ones... So i can change my hair everyday which is super cool wicked awesome!! 

Let me advise every human who is off on a summer holiday to purchase these topshop wedges.. they are literally the lightest shoes you will ever ever wear which makes them so easy to pack and leaves weight in the suitcase for more important things :) 

That is all....