Tuesday, 30 April 2013

There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold....

(Dress-C/O Cagecity  Denim shirt-Urban Outfitters  Shoes-Topshop  Socks-Topshop)

When the lovelies at  Cagecity contacted me about wearing some of their amazing clobber I quite naturally jumped at the chance and I picked this handmade little number, which I'm sure you'll agree is a bit fit! What I love even more is the fact it's a one of a kind, for as much as I love Topshop seeing every other girl on the high-street dressed head to toe in the same garments can be a little bit of a bummer so head over to Cagecity for lots of one off wonders - (Not to mention the fact they stock two of my very favourite brands Minkpink and Stylestalker!!!) 

The sun even shone bright for me yesterday which made for one happy Jade - Now CALLING ALL BLOGGERS *needs help* I'm going to Chester races in just over a week and I think I have exhausted all options on Asos, ordered every potential on Topshop and come to the depressing realisation that I can't afford a suit from The Kooples so if anybody has any sort of inspiration or suggestions please do not hesitate - help a sister out!!


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Walk on through the rain...

(Dress-Topshop  Kimono-River Island  Shoes-Urban Outfitters) 

I have to start by saying my auntie came over today and started with 'Jade whats going on with your hair at the minute?!' So I was rather reluctant to put my blog photos up after that remark! Haha. 

This isn't much of a Spring sort of outfit but it isn't much of a Spring sort of day - I was hoping the kimono would brighten it up a bit.

I also ordered six velvet scrunchies from eBay this week, I used to have a crazy amount but got rid of the lot when I was about 14 - little did I know I would end up kicking myself 10 years later!

I love my elephant ring that I got bought for me a couple of birthdays ago by some of my best friends - they know me so well!! 


Friday, 12 April 2013

As if by magic...

(Playsuit - Spell Designs and The Gypsy Collective  Belt - H&M  Jewellery - All around the world  Boots - River Island)

The weekend has landed!! - But I don't have that Friday feeling which is lame - I can only presume this is because I've been on a juice detox all week... I say all week I lasted three days, for a girl that loves her food it was three days of HELL. Without sounding too negative, the juices were very nice, lots of variety and amazing flavours, but I just love to chew... If you want to drop a quick few pounds though (which is most likely water weight!!) check it out @ Soulmate foods! 

Now back to important stuff... This playsuit from my new favourite favourite brand, I featured there pants in my last post and I have stocked up on a few goodies, this suit being one of them which I ordered from The Pretty Junk.. which if you haven't already you shouldn't hesitate in checking in out as they have amazing gear. 

I like the fact you can wear this playsuit in Winter with tights or go bare in Summer - I will defo be packing this for Ibiza! 

I also found some 'shag bands' today - does anybody remember them? EVERYBODY used to wear these skinny little rubber bracelets in school - I literally used to have about 50 up my arm!!

Anywayssss... have a lovely weekend dolls! 


Thursday, 4 April 2013

I doubt she does receipts...

(Tee-Ebay  Leggins-Topshop  Boots-Topshop  Necklace-Topshop)

This is KINDA a cheat blog... but I would have blogged this T-shirt at some point anyway so thought I would save myself the photos and use these ones from a a month or so ago!

It's size XL so is just massive which makes it all the more loveable.. I have actually found ways to wear it in the day, at night, for bed and for the gym so completely worth the whopping 16 quid it cost!! haha!
(It's also bright red just so your aware!!)

Black leggins - okay yeh original I know but I like the fact these ones have the mesh panel at the bottom - makes them slightly (if only slightly) more interesting!

Also welcome new followers and A HUGE THANKS! So nice that any rubbish I write and snaps I take are of interest to anybody out there :)


(Photos by the amazing Matthew Comer)