Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Walk on through the rain...

(Dress-Topshop  Kimono-River Island  Shoes-Urban Outfitters) 

I have to start by saying my auntie came over today and started with 'Jade whats going on with your hair at the minute?!' So I was rather reluctant to put my blog photos up after that remark! Haha. 

This isn't much of a Spring sort of outfit but it isn't much of a Spring sort of day - I was hoping the kimono would brighten it up a bit.

I also ordered six velvet scrunchies from eBay this week, I used to have a crazy amount but got rid of the lot when I was about 14 - little did I know I would end up kicking myself 10 years later!

I love my elephant ring that I got bought for me a couple of birthdays ago by some of my best friends - they know me so well!! 



  1. Such a gorgeous kimono!
    Love your hair it's very 90s!
    S xx

  2. You're so pretty! I adore the floral kimono; I'm enthralled by anything velvet and I've been scouring everywhere for a velvet kimono! xx

  3. love your scrunchie! scurnchies forever! that kimono is beaut too you look so pretty x

  4. You're stunning and remind me so much of an Olsen twin face wise! Love your outfit especially the kimono!

    Emma x

  5. Gorgeous outfit, love love love the kimono xx

  6. Such a gorgeous kimono. It adds a lovely touch to your dress. You definitely rock that scrunchie x

  7. Your kimono is a beaut! I've got the same dress and now want to buy a kimono to wear with it!

  8. Lovely outfit! The kimono is gorgeous! xx

  9. I love the kimono so beaut.

    fab post.