Saturday, 22 June 2013

Every little thing she does is magic...

(Dress - Rat & Boa  Jewellery - Mainly H&M  Boots - Jeffrey Campbell)

I have to start by addressing my hair - it's gone so blonde I HATE it, I can't to get it toned the hell down next week with some darker blondes - so please excuse it right now. 

So by a twist of fate this dress made it's why into my hands... I didn't order this I ordered something else however by mistake I was sent this instead and I kinda think I like it more than the other thing - oh wow rambling, but you get my gist! 

I mainly like how you can wear it as a cover-up for a bikini on holiday or as a dress, either with a slip and tights in this country or just black underwear abroad. I wanted it kinda grunge'y though, as I still feel wearing full on black tights at this time of year is heartbreaking so I had lots of fun laddering the sh*t out of my tights to reveal a bit more skin. Obvs I wacked on my favourite new JC's and bam I'm good to go!

It's a Saturday which means a few scoops and nibbles with the girls in Manchester.. :) 

Happy weekend antics!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Our love is running out of time...

(Skirt & Top - Topshop  Boots - Jeffrey Campbell)

As my mum would call them 'Mosher shoes', I however love them lots and lots and have neglected my whole shoe collection in favour of wearing these day in and out for the past week! 

I had a dress I needed to return in Topshop but it was past the refundable period so I had to exchange (secretly happy as it's an excuse to get some new topper's gear!) and I saw this little denim combo - I love anything matchy matchy right now so this was a no brainer. 

Excuse the pineapple/80's hair - it was in far too much of a fluffy state to leave it down.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What rhymes with hug me?..

(Jumper-Minkpink  Trousers-Spell and the gypsy collective  Boots-Urban Outfitters  Belt-Vintage) 

If yesterday was the last day of sunshine in this country I will be extremely angry and continue to wear my summer wardrobe under giant coats in protest!! 

I got back from Ibiza last week and as per completely overpacked - it was like an Aladdin's cave in my suitcase and I spent the whole five days chucking crochet and tie dye across the room in a state of panic   trying to decide what to wear. Since my mum does my washing it was a delight to her that I returned home with only 5% worn! - haha. 

These pants are my trusty trousers - I literally wear them for every occasion - most commonly to bed! It's even more amazing that I'm 5'10... with these boots I'm about 6'1 and they are still long!!! I desperately want them in the orange but my bank balance just won't stretch right now since we are in the process of booking Ibiza again (we just can't get enough!!)

Does Minkpink ever fail to pull it out the bag? I've had this jumper a while now and the colours are so beautiful, even more so in person!

I also went to Parklife this weekend which was lots of fun - I sampled the food delights of every cuisine (yes it seems I was more concerned with this than the music! haha) So I will do a cheat blog in the next couple of days and post a few pics of my adventures!

I'm going to waste this outfit on a day of sorting and tidying my room from head to toe - fun!