Monday, 5 March 2012

Purple Rain...

Okay so I have now tried and tested two ways of colouring the ends of my hair (temporarily) 
Firstly, using soft pastels, I love the fact using pastels made it bright and it really did last- however it was rather time consuming and extremely messy - a layer of purple dust covered my white bathroom which was just completely unpractical for everyday use!
So then i tried out the colour bug... whilst the colour wasn't as bright, I sort of preferred the dull tone of the purple.. it didn't clash with as many outfits which was also a bonus and it was so so much simpler to use, you just hold the bug and rub it onto the hair! 

Now I have tried a few different temporary methods I've bought myself some of the real stuff to make a more permanent solution...wether I'll have the guts or not its another question... watch this space!


  1. lovely blog!! which temporary colour gave the different hues?- jade xxx

  2. Thank you!! Using soft pastels... Its pretty wicked but it does cause a right mess... on the plus it did last for a good few days and even after one wash it kinda muted to a light pink which was cool! Good luck if you try it! xx