Tuesday, 25 February 2014

This Is A Love Song GIVEAWAY...

Tee- c/o This Is A Love Song,  
Leggings-American Apparel,
Cardigan-Rat & Boa,
Necklace - c/o Punky Pins,
Boots - Missguided,
Lipstick - c/o Lynette Page Makeup Artistry shade 'Dorothy'

I have cheated on Instagram and I'm having a full blown affair with Pinterest!
I am very aware that Pinterest has been around for ages now but I've been a bit slow in coming around to appreciating it's awesomeness... no that's a lie I just didn't get how to use it (cut me some slack I'm nearly a quarter of a century old!). So the past two months I've dedicated any spare second I had to get in to the swing of things and fully immerse myself into all things pin related - I can now say I am a fully fledged Pinterest user/obsessive. My boards are becoming very random and varied, a combination of fairy vomit, boho musings and the odd flat faced persian cat thrown in for good measure - what a fabulous invention - kudos to the computer whizz that whipped this one up!

Moving on... this TEE, tee in capitals because it gets me giddy - the mesh, the black and neon yellow contrast, the sequins... I could go on forever - quite honestly after getting sent this beaut last Friday I have already worn in three times, well two - I'm not sure sleeping in it after a night out really counts! Isn't it just dreamy? It's going to be the perfect Winter into Spring piece... and well Spring into Summer and urm Summer into Autumn and... you catch my drift. I'm going to wear it all year despite the weather conditions. GIVEAWAY!!  Yeah so I want to keep the exclusive black tank top with reflective shoulder strips and 'Midnight Raver' slogan but alas it is up for a giveaway courtesy of This Is A Love Song, part of the TIALS resort collection and is such an awesome little piece, if you would like to be the owner please leave your full name and email below, then head over to TIALS Facebook show some love and like the page - simples! 

The faithful Rat & Boa cardi which I acquired last year still remains one of my favourite pieces and if possible I think I love crochet this year more than last. Now this cutie of a necklace is from a super cool jewellery brand 'Punky Pins' and I kindly got sent this daisy chain which is going to see me through my boho themed summer perfectly - and yes they do unicorn related pieces and yes I will blog about those next!!

This lip shade in 'Dorothy' is my perfect perfect shade ever made. I love a bright lip, a vibrant lipstick has the ability to cheer me up on the dullest of days, lipstick has magical abilities I swear it. This range of make-up by Lynette Page Makeup Artistry is any makeup lovers dream - the range of lipsticks master the matte finish without the horrendously dry and crumbly feel on the lips, this is definitely a new staple in my makeup bag (for how long I don't know - my mum is already eyeing it up!)

Have a wonderful week fashion folks.



  1. you look amazing, I love that lipstick shade!


  2. Absolutely love your cardy x


  3. That cardi is amazing and so know what you mean about your recent Pinterest obsession, I can't get enough of it atm! xx


  4. Ah you always look so stunning Jade! I love your tee with the crochet cardi and red lipstick, so pretty.

    Great giveaway too, I LOVE the tee, please enter me :) Xx

    Heidi Thomas

  5. I'm addicted to pinterest right now too! Just got into it and I can't stop!


    Chelsey Wise

  6. Ooooh so gorgeous! I'd love to win too! I've liked on FB (Natalie Crossan) and my email address is missnatalielara@hotmail.co.uk xxx

  7. Such a pretty top! Love your blog :) x

    Varvara Skugar