Wednesday, 18 December 2013

On Wednesdays...

Skirt - Missguided  
Body - River Island  
Coat - Topshop 
Boots - Missguided  
Rings - Topshop

If one thing living alone and working full time has told me it's that is doesn't leave much time for blogging!! So I need kick my lazy ass into gear and get it done more because I have bought some amazing stuff lately and haven't had time to show it off which is completely rubbish!!

This skirt - I know the pink pvc is being slightly overdone now but I don't care I love it I love it I LOVE IT. I also want it in blue :)

I've needed a plain turtle neck body for a while now and when I spotted this one in RI it was pretty damn perfect with the juzz-ee little cut out at the back. 

This coat I have had for ever now and I never get bored of walking around like a giant marashmellow - I went to the supermarket after taking these photos and the amount of odd looks I got was crazy - I can only assume if people see coats in a colour other than black or cream they freak out slightly. 

These glasses are MINT - and I urge you all to head over to MyOptique facebook page ... like it and write on the wall 'Enter Jade Francesca's Give Away' DO DO DO IT because I love mine and I wear them in work so I look clever and shit - so you should do the same unless you actually need glasses then bonus! 

This necklace is just a total beaut - from The Cecily London range at My Flash Trash .. in fact just go and adore the whole website because it's full of amazing quirky little pieces - if your tired of seeing the same old Topshop jewellery and want something different it's totally perfect!

Now I must go and abuse Netflix!



  1. I love your look, especially the cut out in the turtleneck! Also your hair looks gorgeous!


  2. this outfit is so lovely! your hair looks amazing, like the victoria secret models!

  3. In love with this look, the fluffy coat and the cut out body are amazing and of course, loving the new specs :) xx

  4. I love your skirt! I seriously love your new hair I think it suits you so well x

  5. Stunning! I love your glasses.

    New follower :)

    Jamie |

  6. You're absolutely gorgeous girl xx

  7. Your beautiful blond hair and pretty Missguided skirt look fabulous styled with the contrasting dark tights and river River Island turtleneck. Your lipstick and eye-makeup look very pretty too.

  8. Stunning outfit, love the coat, your hair the glasses...ooooh just everything! Total beaut <3