Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fit for a lady...

2. Annelise Michelson ear cuff
3. Pamela Love pentagram cuff
4. Estelle Dévé ring set
5. Lena Erziak box bag

The summer wedding season is nearly over which is sad because I do love a good wedding gathering, although apart from my Dad I'm not sure I've met anybody that doesn't? Luckily next week I have my last wedding of the summer to attend and well it doesn't do any harm to dress dream. 

I have loved Temperley for a crazy long time, in fact when I won some dosh on Deal or No Deal way back when (I cringe when I think about it!!) I blew some of my winnings on my first designer dress from Cricket Boutique in Liverpool, which was a gorgeous white and tiered floaty number. So my love for the brand still remains strong, I adore this pretty dress that I found on Avenue32's site, I am currently obsessed with Downtown Abbey (late on the bandwagon) and it reminded me of one of the gorgeous outfits the ladies would wear. 

I also stumbled across the most amazing jewellery on the site with a whole load of designers I have never heard of but I am left lusting over their fabulous pieces, the gold accessories above were just a handful of my favourites, the pentagram cuff I have fallen head over heels with and would look dreamy in a pair. The tortoiseshell box bag... need I say more??



  1. deal or no deal!??! thats amazing! That dress is very very pretty xxx

  2. WOW that dress is amazing
    S xxx