Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wild for wildfox...

I want this skirt so much I have decided to dedicate a whole blog post to it's amazingness.

 I'm a massive Wildfox fan and have been for over two years now after I spotted the white and red seeing stars jumper on Miley Cyrus and blew my whole months wages so I could own it, to this day I still worship it even though it's been slightly killed by cheap replica's on the market. 

I tend to buy two or three items a year as we all know this stuff does not come cheap, but for me I don't think the pieces ever date - they're fun and happy and everything clothing should be. I love when they do the odd the piece that isn't obvious Wildfox like this dreamy skirt, the candy floss colours, the super long length, it is just a little slice of heaven that should be in my wardrobe!! So if any of you lovelies stumble across one in a size S please inform me as I would be willing to sell my soul to the devil (extreme!) to own it! 

One of my favourite buys this summer is this little beauty which is packed and ready to take to the isle of Ibiza with me so it's not all doom and gloom... 

Thanks to Wildfox for being such a babe... I can't wait to get back to LA next May and restock on some fab pieces for nearly half the price... god bless America! 



  1. Awesome outfits and im soo in love with your blog! hehe x
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin if you'd like?

  2. yesss Wildfox is bomb, need that mermaid dress (obviously)! love your blog, killer style x