Thursday, 30 May 2013

One went out in an airport in Spain...

(Jumper-Rat & Boa  Skirt-Topshop Flatforms-ASOS)

More crochet!!!! I'm obsessed ... I go to Ibiza in the morning and you couldn't possibly fit another item of crochet in my suitcase, its an explosion of 70's loving! 

I also had a go at dyeing the tips of my hair blue - I love the colour but I need to go higher so I'm going to have another go before I hit the sack tonight just in time for the spanish sun tomorrow. 

This is only brief as I just wanted to squeeze one in before I go away, I now have one million and one things to do.. starting with preparing myself a Mojito to get me in the spirit!

See ya'll on the flip side - Adiós amantes de la moda beauitfiul



  1. Love, love, love this look! So boho!

    Emma x

  2. Girllllfriend you look FAB, drooling over what your suitcase must look like too! Very jealous, wish I was going back to Ibiza this year! Have an amazing time :)

    1. Ah too kind girl - you totally should of won at the Cosmo awards !! Your blog is a bloody dream! X

  3. You look gorgeous x

  4. omg i loooove this! just checked out rat and boa and all their stuff is sold out :( i want this jumper so bad!!


  5. I love this! Again with the's perfect! xx

  6. i am so jealous, i really want the crochet cardigan from rat and boa! soooo pretty xxxx