Wednesday, 27 February 2013

She's a mess of gorgeous chaos .. you can see it in her eyes..

(Crop-Urban Outfitters  Dress-Vicky Martin  Beanie-Topshop)

I toyed with the idea of actually admitting where this lace dress was from.. because if you could describe Vicky Martin clothes in one word that word would most probably be tacky! So in my defence I have had this dress for about eight years and I would never wear it in the way I once did... but thats another story. 

I wanted to find a way of making it wearable and I guess it kinda worked. 

I've been crazy mad busy as of late, my life is chaotic and my brain is messy...  I've had some really cool shoots, met some really cool people, made some pretty big changes, had a job interview in the capital and been having an all round good time - alas - this couldn't go on forever so now I've got a mad week catching up on all my neglected university work. 

I've been living on caffeine and adrenaline so if anybody has any more sensible ways of having energy I welcome them... 

I've included a couple of photos I did last week.

Hope everybody is having a happy week.


(Photographer-Mike Lerner)

(Photographer-Anna Fowler)


  1. love the outfit!
    i love lace :)

  2. Think i'm in love!
    this is all so gorgeous
    S xx

  3. You make everything so edgy and cool, love it!

    A little bit Unique