Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Dancing on sleazy ground...

(Jersey-Topshop  Gilet-Topshop  Watch-Michael Kors  Creepers-Underground) 

I am trying my hardest to blog every week but it's been tricky as of late... 

It also dawned on me that many of my followers don't have the first clue about what I do... which isn't much but I thought I would enlighten you all!

I have a degree in Design Management for Fashion Retailing, I wish I could say it was as interesting as the title sounds, but it really wasn't... lots of sums and science'y type lectures.

I then decided my true passion was Journalism and I'm doing a postgrad masters in Multimedia Journalism which I am loving... I was also lucky enough to spend my placement at The Sun newspaper which was amazing! 

I'm also a make-up artist by trade... although as my friends know it really isn't my passion, I was lucky enough to work for MAC for around 3 years which means I have crazy amounts of beautiful MAC products which is a big fat plus!

So I'm actually boring myself now so if your still reading and haven't switched off... TAR-RAH! 



  1. ahh crazy about your look, I've had my eye on that tee but I'm on a spending ban, so I'm really jealous about how great it looks on you! haha

    1. Ahhh treat yourself girl!! It's only 20 English pounds :D x

  2. I love the pop of neon and the ripped tights!

    I'm an undergraduate studying journalism at the moment :)

    1. Thanks doll.

      Ahhh I hope your enjoying it as much as me!!


  3. amazing outfit! loveeee that top and beanie xx

  4. such a beaut! loveee the beanie. x

  5. had my eye on that top for a while know, looks great on you! think I am definitely gunna have to get it!

  6. I really want this jersey!
    S x

  7. Love this outfit! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my latest blog posts for more information on the Awards and what to do when nominated :)