Friday, 19 October 2012

She's a difficult girl...

(Dress-ASOS  Hairband-Topshop  Boots-Jeffery Campbell  Necklace-Matalan)

Today I got into Halloween a little early, skulls, spikes & crosses.... any excuse to dress a little gothic in my books. These boots are a pair of my favourites, however they make me approximately 6'5 and crucify my feet... such a damn shame.

I also had tattoo laser removal which was a bit painful.... no let me rephrase that.. absolutely HORRIBLE.. but hopefully after one more session the coat hanger on my arm will be a distant memory (Don't ask!!) Whilst I was in the tattoo parlour I got compared to the Statue of Liberty.. I'm not sure whether I take this as a compliment or not, he did follow it with 'Looks wicked' so I wasn't too offended...haha!

Friday well wishes to all...



  1. Love this outfit, definitely getting in the Halloween spirit! Ouch laser removal sounds painful, poor you! xx

  2. the dress is amazing - so similar to lazy oaf! xx

  3. Nice outfit !
    I tagged you on my blog so i hope you'll do this tag ! keep up the good work !

  4. Gorgeous!

    Would love to know about the coat hanger!? Also, would love to see how it looks after its been removed... is it just like a scar in its place?